The Property Registry celebrates its rebranding with the launch of a new website

November 25, 2019 (Winnipeg, MB) – The Property Registry, the Province’s exclusive service provider to operate the land and personal property registries, announced today that they are changing their brand to Teranet Manitoba. They marked the occasion with the launch of a new website,

“Since 2014, Teranet has been the exclusive government service provider of land and personal property registry solutions in Manitoba, operating under the existing brand of The Property Registry. The improvements on modernization since 2014 have provided significant benefits to our clients, and these are improvements that we are very proud of. We are also part of a Canadian company that provides innovative and technologically-advanced market solutions to clients in real estate, financial services, utilities, government and legal communities across the country”, said Dennis Barnhart, General Manager of Teranet Manitoba. “Our brand needs to reflect who we are now, and where we are headed. Making the change to Teranet Manitoba is important as our company continues to grow, invest in and modernize our registry services and solutions for the benefit of our clients and government partners, be it in Manitoba or across Canada.”

The brand shift is an opportunity for Teranet Manitoba to align more closely with its parent company, Teranet Inc. They have adopted the Teranet icon – a symbol of the company for more than a quarter of a century – and signature green colour to strengthen the visual connection between their Manitoba operations and Teranet’s wider data and registry solutions offerings.

“Teranet is very proud of the work we are doing in Manitoba and of our partnership with the Government of Manitoba. We are operating first-class, made-in-Manitoba registries that Manitobans rely on to safeguard their land and personal property data,” said Elgin Farewell, President and CEO of Teranet. “Teranet is committed to our corporate promise of reliable data and innovative solutions for our clients. It makes good sense to have our Manitoba team more closely aligned with our corporate brand as we bring more Teranet products and services to the province.”


Teranet Manitoba specializes in registry solutions and is privately-owned by Teranet Inc. The Province of Manitoba has designated Teranet Manitoba as its exclusive service provider to operate the Manitoba Land Titles Offices and the Personal Property Registry. Oversight of these services is provided by the Office of the Registrar-General of Manitoba.

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