2020.05.15Directive on Witnessing documents under The Real Property Act and Temporary Suspension Order under The Emergency Measures Act
2020.05.14Extension of Directive on Witnessing documents under The Real Property Act during COVID-19 Pandemic
2020.04.20Approval of Video Witnessing Certificate (Form 32)
2020.04.01Witnessing documents under The Real Property Act during COVID-19 pandemic
2020.03.20Mandatory use of eRegistration during COVID-19 pandemic
2019.10.07New fees effective January 5, 2020
2019.09.16Approval of Survey Plan Checklist (form 31), Easement Plan Checklist (form 31E) and Plan Registration Guide
2019.08.15 Scanned Smart Froms
2019.04.10Approval of updated Notice of Exercising Power of Sale Land Titles Form (Form C4.1) – The Real Property Act
2019.03.04Appointment of Tricia Christie, Deputy Examiner of Surveys
2019.01.21Appointment of Katherine Jones, District Registrar of Dauphin Land Titles Office
2018.12.17Tariff of costs in mortgage sale and foreclosure proceedings
2018.09.28New fees effective January 6, 2019
2018.09.24Appointment of Timothy Roy Cassan as Examiner of Surveys
2018.09.24Retirement of Paul Burtnick as Examiner of Surveys
2018.03.30Registration Details Application form not required in eRegistration
2018.03.23Appointment of Statutory Officers
2018.03.16Encumbrances which survive mortgage sale and foreclosure proceedings
2018.03.16Unpaid condominium fees and mortgage sale proceedings
2017.12.22Tariff of costs in mortgage sale and foreclosure proceedings
2017.12.17Electronic registration (eRegistration) and the use of land titles smart forms
2017.12.05Approval of Form 30 - Correction to Statutory Evidence
2017.11.20Approval of land titles forms - The Real Property Act
2017.10.27Electronic copies of status of title and status of instrument
2017.10.27Approval of updated tax transmission form (version PR6.1)
2017.09.28Approval of updated electronic transfer form
2017.09.27Document seals
2017.09.25New fees effective January 7, 2018
2017.07.31Approval of updated electronic caveat form (version e10.2)
2017.07.18Standardized processing date for land titles documents
2017.04.11Use of electronic registration
2017.03.30Plans deposited in the Manitoba Land Titles System for examination
2017.03.30Approval of updated electronic mortgage form (version e6.2)
2017.03.21Destroyed duplicate titles
2017.03.06Approval of updated electronic discharge form (version e7.2)
2017.01.27Approval of updated electronic caveat form
2016.12.30Tariff of costs in mortgage sale and foreclosure proceedings
2016.11.09Restriction on access to mortgage sale and tax sale documents
2016.10.11Registration of condominium declarations - requirement for concordance of civic address and unit number
2016.09.29New fees effective January 8, 2017
2016.09.26Approval of updated electronic discharge and mortgage forms
2016.07.18Appointment of Timothy Roy Cassan as Deputy Examiner of Surveys
2016.06.29Approval of new transfer form
2016.06.26Plan Deposit Submission
2016.06.24Addition to the Registrar-General rules for mortgage sale and foreclosure
2016.01.18Approval of new caveat and mortgage forms
2016.01.15 Certified copies of documents
2016.01.15Approval of new Registration Details Application form (RDA)
2015.12.10Appointment of Linda Maurer as Deputy Registrar of the Personal Property Registry
2015.12.10Appointment of Aimee Warkentin as Registrar of the Personal Property Registry
2015.12.07Approval of new Registration Details Application (eRDA) and Service Request (eSR)
2015.10.29Approval of new discharge form (eDischarge)
2015.10.16Condominium index in Titles Online
2015.09.28New fees effective January 3, 2016
2015.07.30Appointment of Statutory Officer Aimee Warkentin as Deputy District Registrar WLTO
2015.04.28Titles Online status of title and status of instrument forms
2015.04.23Title search by personal name
2015.03.31Appointment of Statutory Officer Stephanie Akerstream as Deputy District Registrar MLTO
2015.03.31Appointment of Statutory Officer Tyler Watt as District Registrar DLTO
2015.03.31Retirement of Statutory Officer Blair Johnston as District Registrar DLTO
2015.03.31Resignation of Statutory Officer Jason Bryk as Deputy District Registrar WLTO
2015.02.23New Land Transfer Tax Calculator
2015.01.26New Service Launches April 26, 2015
Notice of New Titles Online Search Service and Title Search Fee Increase
2015.01.26Approval of Forms- The Condominium Act, Effective Feburary 1, 2015
2014.09.18Fee Changes Effective January 4, 2015
2014.09.02Appointment of Statutory Officer
Jason Bryk as Deputy District Registrar WLTO
2014.08.18Appointment of Statutory Officer Tyler Watt as Deputy District Registrar BLTO
2014.06.16 Appointment of Daniel Gautron as Deputy Examiner of Surveys
2014.03.29Appointment of Statutory Officers
2014.03.17Fee Changes Effective May 25, 2014
2014.02.11Statutory Easements
2013.09.24Reminder New Land Titles Forms Required on October 1, 2013
2013.06.14 Proof of Authority of Corporate Employees to Execute Land Titles Documents No Longer Needed
2013.05.29Acting Examiner of Surveys
2013.04.08New Land Titles Forms - Transition
2013.02.26New Land Titles Forms Available
2013.01.08Winnipeg District Registrar & Deputy Registrar-General
2012.05.25New Fees for Land Titles
2012.02.28Registrar-General & Chief Operating Officer
2012.01.05District Registrar - Portage Land Titles Office
2011.11.29Improvements to Manitoba Land Titles System Search Features
2011.06.15Client Service Improvements in The Property Registry
2011.06.14Addition to the Registrar-General Rules for Mortgage Sale and Foreclosure
2010.04.06 New Fees for Land Titles & Personal Property Registry
2010.02.25 Relocation of the Morden Land Titles Office
2009.07.28 Mortgage Sale Proceedings Involving Personal Property Subject to SecurityInterest
2009.07.28 Electronic Bill Payment Option for Personal Property Registry Account Holders
2009.03.25Flat Filing in the Land Titles Office
2009.02.02 Relocation of the Morden Land Titles Office
2009.01.05 Deputy District Registrar - WLTO, District Registrar - MLTO,
Registrar-Personal Property Registry
2008.11.13 Service Improvement Initiative for the Registration ofPlans of Easement
and Plans of Survey for Leasehold
2008.08.12 Homestead Rights and Bankruptcy
2008.08.01 Notice of Exercising Power of Sale - Revised
2008.08.01Client Service Initiative
2008.08.01Duplicate Instruments
2008.06.24 Revised Land Titles Fees - Effective August 25, 2008
2008.05.01Execution of Documents by Corporations
2007.12.21Wind Turbine Titles
2007.01.05Exclusive Common Elements
2006.06.29Revised Land Titles Fees
New fee schedule effective August 21, 2006 (MS Excel)
2006.05.29Declaration from Purchaser – The Condominium Amendment Act
2006.03.30Easement Agreement - Tax and Mortgage Sale or Foreclosure
2006.03.27 Schedule Form Guidelines
2005.11.10Amending Agreement
2005.10.17Land Transfer Tax - Replacement of The Revenue Act
2005.01.13 Confirmation of Rules Governing Execution of Documents by Corporations
2004.10.20Registration of Court Orders - Appeals
2004.07.091. New Transfer and Mortgage Forms
2. Changes to the evidence required pursuant to The Homesteads Act arising from proclamation of the Common-Law Partners' Property Legislation
2004.06.28Changes to the service provisions on spouses concerning mortgage sale proceedings arising from proclamation of the common-law partners legislation
2004.06.28Deputy District Registrar - Winnipeg Land Titles Office
2004.06.17Revised Land Titles Fees - Effective July 12, 2004
2004.06.01Changes to Homesteads Act and Real Property Act Forms
2004.04.23 Changes to the Land Transfer Tax
2004.02.23 30-Day Notices
2004.02.23 Change of name evidence resumption of surname
2004.02.23 Powers of Attorney - partial revocation
2004.02.23 Mortgage by one of several joint tenants
2003.07.30Revised Land Titles Fees - effective September 8, 2003
2003.06.30 Mortgage by one joint tenant
2003.01.20 Duplicate instruments
2003.01.20Mortgage default, other than principal, interest, taxes of insurance
2003.01.20 Land Transfer Tax exemptions
2003.01.20Execution of Discharges by Corporations
2002.09.04 Land Transfer Tax exemption
2002.03.06 The Homestead Act - requirement for evidence
2001.09.10Foreclosure procedure - mortage of mortgage
2001.08.15 30-Day Notice procedures
2001.08.15The Homestead Act - requirement for evidence
2001.07.13 Elimination of duplicate title
2001.01.16Procedural change for plans of subdivision
2000.10.01 Notices of service
2000.08.28Mortgage sale proceedings - mortgage of mortgage
2000.08.23Personal Property Security Act
- registration in Land Titles Office
2000.03.21Discharge of building restriction caveats
2000.03.08 Duplicate title policies
2000.02.08 Postponement of mortgages
1996.12.06Revised Mortgage Sale and Foreclosure Proceedings
1996.09.12 Term of the Lease in a Caveat